M/s Gokul Dairy Products


Gokul Dairy is a two-decade old ISO 9001:2015 & 22000 HACCP certified Milk processing unit, specialising in processing of Milk, manufacturing and marketing of dairy products since 1998, formerly known as Gokul Dairy Products.

Originally the company was aggregating milk from various farmers on domestic basis in the year 1998, and subsequently upgraded operations in 2004 with a Milk processing unit. Later in 2008, the production was scaled up with a new facility in 2008, near Kunigal town in Tumkur District.

The main milk processing Unit is located near Kunigal town, currently processing 50,000 litres per day of milk, being sourced from various farmers.

There are four chilling units, where the milk is collected from different sources and stored, prior to transporting the milk to the main unit in Kunigal for processing and packing.

The Milk and other dairy products have marketed and sold under different brand names owned by the company, including, MILKYWAVE, KAVERI, KAVERI GOKUL, KAVERI GOKUL GHEE, KAVERI GOKUL KHOVA, CURDS, BUTTERMILK, MILKYWAVE Flavoured Milk, Milkywave Paneer, Butter, Doodh Peda, Kalakand, and Milk Cake.

Plans are on the anvil to further expand the operations both in terms of product reach to larger consumer base, as well as to scale the milk processing capacity and production capacity of dairy products.


“To be a reputed brand in the Milk & Dairy products industry, renowned for creating a healthy society, through research, advocacy, production innovation and excellence.”


“To procure, process Milk and produce dairy products, employing the best practices, adhering to the highest safety, hygiene and health standards.”


Respect and uphold the Integrity of stakeholders. Ethical practices, upholding quality & Safety. Conserve nature, enrich life.