Welcome to Gokul Dairy Products

Gokul Dairy Products is a milk processing Company located near Kunigal town, Tumkur District Currently handling 50,000 lpd milk with milk Processing and Marketing under brand name MILKY WAVE, KAVERI and KAVERI GOKUL, since 1998. The Dairy was started on domestic basis and subsequently Expanded & Upgraded its operations to a New dairy Unit from 2004/2008 in Kunigal.

The Milk Procurement or Purchase department is the Back Bone of Gokul Dairy Products. This Team is charged with the enormous task of collecting milk from over 30,000 farmers and through 600-700 Vendors in over a  network scattered area of 150 kms where the Dairy has full fledged operations.

Milk collection is carried out right from farm level where Company Supervisors, Officers have developed collection routes. This ensures that all farmers, including the small scale farmers, are able to deliver their milk on time.

We firmly believe that to attain the best quality dairy products, only the best quality milk should be taken in. For this reason, our quality management system has been moulded around a :grass to glass principle” whereby we enforce very strict quality and safety standards throughout our milk supply chain right from the farm level to the consumer.